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At Kennz Technologies, we pride ourselves on being the best in the industry. When it comes to your appliances, particularly your washing machine, we understand the inconvenience that breakdowns can cause. That's why we offer you the ultimate convenience: the ability to schedule washing machine repairs at your preferred time. Experience the best in appliance repair services with Kennz Technologies. Schedule your washing machine repair at your preferred time and let us take care of the rest.

Our Solutions


Inlet Valve Replacement

The inlet valve in your appliances serves as a vital component for proper water flow. Over time, wear and tear or sediment buildup can affect its functionality, leading to issues like low water pressure or leaks. Inlet valve replacement ensures the smooth operation of your appliances, restoring their optimal performance.


PCB Board Replacement

The replacement of a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) in a washing machine is a critical repair procedure addressing issues like erratic functionality, unresponsive controls, or failure to initiate cycles. Technicians carefully disassemble the appliance to access the PCB, located within the control panel, and replace the faulty board with a compatible unit.


Drain Motor Replacement

When a washing machine encounters drainage problems such as water retention or failure to drain completely, the replacement of its drain motor becomes essential. After disconnecting the power and water sources, the faulty drain motor is carefully removed, and a compatible replacement is installed.


Outer Tub Replacement

The outer tub in a washing machine is integral to its structural integrity and water containment. When faced with issues like leaks, cracks, or excessive vibrations, replacing the outer tub becomes crucial.


Machine Not Spinning

When a washing machine fails to spin, it could signal various underlying issues. Common culprits include a malfunctioning lid switch, a worn-out drive belt, or a faulty motor coupling. Technicians commence by diagnosing the problem, and examining these components for signs of damage or wear.


Leaking Water Replacement

Technicians meticulously inspect the machine's hoses, seals, and door gasket to identify the source of the leak. If the issue stems from damaged hoses or a compromised door gasket, replacement becomes imperative.

Why Kennz Washing Machine Service?

Excellent Customer Support

Experience exceptional care for your washing machine needs with our dedicated customer support. Our team is ready to assist you promptly, offering expert guidance and solutions. Trust us for a seamless washing machine experience!

Prompt Service

We understand the urgency when your AC system malfunctions. Kennz Technologies prioritizes prompt responses and quick resolutions to keep your environment comfortable.

Transparent Pricing

We believe in transparency. Enjoy hassle-free service with our clear and upfront pricing for washing machine repairs—no hidden costs, just straightforward solutions. Your satisfaction is our commitment.

Trusted Technicians

Our trusted technicians for your washing machine repairs. Our skilled experts ensure top-notch service, delivering reliable solutions with precision and expertise. Trust us to keep your machine running smoothly!

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